My name is Susie O’Neal. I am the creator and writer of Between the Gardens Ministries.

One year ago, I felt the call of God to start an online evangelistic ministry. Since I began Between the Gardens, God has been using my platform to teach and encourage my followers with the truth of the Gospel.

I have authored a 40-day devotional called “Abundant Rain”. Click the link to order your copy from Amazon today!

I am also a contributor to the YouVersion Bible App Devotional Plans. You will find links to the YouVersion devotionals in the menu!

I have a master’s degree in educational psychology and currently I work full-time as a writer and a copy editor for a textbook company in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

I am so glad you decided to spend some time Between the Gardens! I pray God speaks to you and shows you His reckless love while you are here.

If you would like to know more about my ministry or you have a prayer request, please feel free to email me at the ministry website: betweenthegardens5@gmail.com